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Dream Visa Consultancy is a comprehensive and well-known platform intended to provide information, guidance, and access to aspiring students for overseas education. Dream visa Consultancy is a Market Leader in visa consultancy and other visa related services. We are authorized consultants approved by Government of Haryana (INDIA).

We harness the power of cognitive computing and suggestion to help our student adapt to the modern environment and make it efficient. Globally recognized company for its comprehensive service portfolio, a strong commitment to sustainability, we have over 25 employee’s guides by 5 experts to dedicate for serving student. We explore ideas together and link the dots to create a modern, greater and ambitious future.
We are dedicated modern platform where students can receive helpful career counselling’s as well as explore international institutions, universities, and technical colleges. We are proud of our wide network of overseas experts, career and education experts, as well as other professionals. Backed by ample number of educational resources as well, Dream Visa is the complete career counselling digital platform for students who dream of studying in top-ranked universities around the globe.

Dream Visa Consultancy provides an excellent opportunity for education experts to get in touch with students who have decided to seek admissions in colleges or universities of international repute abroad. We make sure to update about the latest developments, within the education sector at an international level, to professional services providers associated with it proactively. This ensures that professionals at every level associated with Dream Visa Consultancy have access to updated rules and regulations, courses, programs and guidance from the best within International Education sector which helps them in providing unhindered support to students who have been approaching them for support and guidance.

We help applicant do good study better by leveraging our consultancy-wide expertise, deep certified expert, a comprehensive service package and a vertically aligned modern business model. We have “Centers of Excellence” that enable us to give the reputed study and services to our students.

How are we coming

Dream visa consultancy was established in the year 2023. It is registered unit of Kalgidhar Travels, who is giving service in this field for 20 years. It means Dream Visa comes from well-established firm and they know the market very well. You’ll be welcomed as well as appreciated. We’re working hard for students to build their career. Our inclusive team that respects our company and each other, it’s good for business and it’s sensible. Whatever your background is, we have the size, scope, training, and culture to make the future of our students.

Presently, we are promoting our business through Social Media, New paper, Facebook, Instagram. We also have tie ups with school, colleges and universities of north India and time to time we conduct seminars in these institutions to counsel them. But due to covid-19 situation, we are inspired to do it through webinars and video counselling’s. We have best team and experts for this process. We have built an exceptional profile and credibility within the education industry. We have earned trust of our students purely on the basis of our professionalism, strong research and success rate. We provide valuable information on education destinations across the globe so that a prospective student makes an informed career decision. Today we have many options to promote international colleges for our applicants.

Create successful and adaptive future

We are the trusted partners of choice for international universities and colleges looking to “stand out at the front” and “unify at the core” through. As organizations redesign themselves to be more responsive to student needs, Dream Visa Consultancy is well-positioned to be a partner and co-innovator for their transformation journey, by finding new opportunities for growth and promoting their entry to the markets. Therefore, we are planning to create a digital portal for all international students. So, we can process our application in better way. Before the Covid-19, we were planning to build up a digital center for all queries to solve them under the single roof and guide them through right path by digital platform. But we could not implement at that time because of Covid-19 situation. Now on present days, things are normalized, every-thing is coming on track. So, we realized that we can implement our digital-idea, we have to go digital to make the task easy and fast. Our current scenario is to do webinar and online counselling through this digital platform. Through this online process, we can also do for India as well as international students nearby India ( Nepal). We also work on associate Business and opening-up some branches all over our country. We are giving our services to over 100 satisfied students every year. We have a special bond with the students that’s why we have long chain of relations all over India. So, we are looking for healthy relations with students by sending them to esteemed reputed universities and colleges. We can work together for the better future Endeavors.

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